Bashtal's Labor (Server Event) off

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Bashtal's Labor (Server Event) off

Mensaje por Admin el Sáb Mayo 20, 2017 9:34 am

Hunt the monsters that dwell outside of the villages to obtain the medals Bashtal is seeking. You will find two types during your search: Medals and Glittering Medals. Bring them to Roy the Cat and he will reward you with a fabulous prize, personally selected for you by the Collector Bashtal!

You will need to raise your collector level to be eligible for many of the items. If you wish to raise your level, see Winnie the Cat. By giving her Glittering Medals, you will have the opportunity to raise your collector level by playing a special game that will test your luck and skill as a collector.

When turning in regular Medals to Roy the Cat, you can choose from the following PRIZES:

(I've copied those rewards from internet, as we are playing C2, some prizes are not in this server, not soul crystals, and not Majestic jewelry, not EAA and EWA. But I'll leave the complete list of rewards just in case one day we change the chronicle,  good luck to everyone....and enjoy the event )

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Re: Bashtal's Labor (Server Event) off

Mensaje por Beozrn el Dom Mayo 21, 2017 7:02 am

Something else. Time to time, Wendy the cat will also appear, altough her location varies. She can give you any reward without an increased collector level, but items will be cost more medals.

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